<div><b>Happy 10 years Anniversary of Funkmaster Ozone performing live on stage as solo artist! After all this years I decide to stop selling my albums as CDs. Now they are all online available ... go and get them at Itunes, Amazon... where ever.... choose your favorite download portal.....&nbsp;</b></div> <div><b>Pop.Funk.Lock.Get down... dance and celebrate!&nbsp;</b></div> <div><b>Thanks to all the friends and fans I found over the last years... thanks so much for supporting me... now its time to looking forward... I am working hardcore on my new one... &nbsp;Bandcamp comin soon!</b></div> <div> <img src="uploads/RTEmagicC_FertigNEU_02.jpg" width="300" height="231" title="FertigNEU.jpg" data-htmlarea-file-uid="220" data-htmlarea-file-table="sys_file" alt="" /></div>