New Album Funkin On One More: Pre Order starts at 6-15-2018

<img src="uploads/RTEmagicC_35082847_1039572672876239_3045871462066946048_o.jpg" width="300" height="111" title="35082847_1039572672876239_3045871462066946048_o.jpg" data-htmlarea-file-uid="243" data-htmlarea-file-table="sys_file" alt="" /> Funkmaster Ozones Brand New Album &quot;Funkin on.. One More!&quot; Vinyl LP Pre Order starts: 15th of June 2018 at <link></link> Full album snippet you can get here: <link></link> 4th collaboration with THE SLEEPERS RECORDZ &amp; Neon Finger! Digital Version Available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay &amp; Bandcamp on 15th June 2018